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Idris Elba looks badass in Pacific Rim.

Idris Elba is a guy from the  UK and total BADASS f. And here is a picture of him in costume as General Stacker Pentecost for the upcoming 2013 Giant Mech, Giant Monster, Apocalypse movie “Pacific Rim.” Which also stars  Charlie Hunnam (Sons of anarchy), and Charlie Day (Its always sunny in Philadelphia) and Ron Perlman(Hellboy), with Guillermo del Toro directing.

Basically the premise is that in the future, a portal opens up in the pacific and GIANT Kaiju monsters emerge and attack civilization, killing thousands, destroying resources, (Tokyo just so happens to be the nearest mark.) So humanity engineers giant mech robots called Jaegers to combat these godzilla type mofos.

Tl’dr? GIANT MONSTERS ATTACK JAPAN, HUMANS FIGHT THEM BACK WITH GIANT ROBOTS. That alone has sold me on this film, like some live action anime/kaiju film love letter written to me! Kaiju monster movie fans!

Pacific Rim will release July 12th, 2013!


You had me at giant mechs, giant monsters, and Ron Perlman.
Hells Yeah!

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    Idris Elba looks bad-ass in Pacific Rim.Pacific Rim will release July 12th, 2013!
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